Fred R. Kline Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico




Artist: William A. Coulter (American, 1849-1936)

 Title: The Arrival of Ex-President and Mrs. U.S. Grant from a World Tour, Aboard the City of Tokio, September 20, 1879, As Seen Passing Through the Golden Gate, San Francisco Bay

Date: Painted 1879.

Note: A smaller version of this event by Coulter, painted later, is in the collection of the National Maritime Museum, San Francisco. 

Medium: Oil on Canvas 

Dimensions: 30 x 50 inches.

Signature: not signed (probably signed originally in badly abraded corner)



William Kooiman, Maritime Historian, National Maritime Museum, San Francisco



Private Collection (artist not identified)

Art Market (artist not identified)

Fred R. Kline Gallery, Santa Fe (here attributed to Coulter and the event identified)

Private Collection, San Francisco



Fred R. Kline Gallery.  "The Arrival of General Grant in San Franciso, 1879 by William Coulter".  December 1997-January 1998.



"The Arrival of General Grant in San Franciso, 1879 by William Coulter": from January 1998



Sold to a distinguished private collection


Historical Note :

from The San Francisco Alta, Sept. 21, 1879

"We do not believe in the history of San Francisco, or, we will say, the history of California, there has ever been such a magnificent, unstinted, warm-hearted, enthusiastic reception tendered to any citizen of the country, than was that offered to General U.S. Grant yesterday.At 5:37 the first gun from Fort Point boomed across the parapets [at left] and announced to the expectant multitude that the long awaited welcome guest was entering the Golden Gate"

It was reported that escorting ships, steaming out to greet City of Tokio--at center--included: China, Ancon, Elder, St. Paul, Parthenius, McArthur, McPherson [carrying General Irwin McDowell], and the tug Millen Griffith --at far right--carrying dignitaries including U.S. Grant, Jr.

The Alta reporter continues:

"The first person to board the Tokio was young Ulysses Grant, and as he reached the deck he was met by his brother Colonel Fred Grant who escorted him to the hurricane deck where stood General and Mrs.Grant."

In the painting, General and Mrs. Grant are depicted in minute detail standing on the hurricane deck.

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