Kline Art Research Associates

Fred R. Kline & Jann A. Kline (1945-2011)
Founders & Owners, est. 1979

Fred R. Kline,

Director of Research, Resident Art Historian , Senior Appraiser of Fine Art.


Kline Art Research Associates

Attribution & Authentication of European & American Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture, 15th-20th centuries. Selected fine art appraisals.


Attribution & Authentication projects are generally concerned with discovering who made unsigned works of art (Who is the artist? Is it the real thing?). We are also involved with authenticating signed works as well (Is it the real thing?). These projects involve our interaction with a worldwide network of art historians and art research facilities. We have made many important discoveries over the years (see below). To assist in our research, our firm has a non-lending art research library with some 2,000 books. The Kline Art Research Library also serves as a community educational resource open to scholars, artists, and students by appointment, at no charge.


As Appraisers of Fine Art—for thirty years—we offer professionally written and carefully researched Appraisal and Art Record documents developed with connoisseurship, art historical expertise, and in-depth art market experience. We are experienced in charitable donations, personal property insurance, and estate matters involving fine art properties.


Our parent company, Fred R. Kline Gallery, established in 1979, exhibits works of art to the public and guides the marketing, brokering and sales of fine art, 15th-20th centuries.


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Regarding Discoveries and Lost Art


Narratives of selected discoveries are found

in Fred R. Kline's forthcoming


A Memoir of Discovery


Pegasus Books, New York & London, May 2016



Fred R. Kline's quest as art historian and art dealer over the last 30 years has been focused on "lost art": the search for it, the surprising discoveries, and ultimately sale to notable collections. The underlying goal of Kline's research has been to give a name to art without a name and to place new discoveries into the archives of art history.

The following works of art came to Kline Art Research Associates as Unsigned and Unattributed, Without Research, Without Authentication-Expertise, Unpublished: common characteristics in works Generalist art historian Fred Kline refers to as "lost art".  Bernard Berenson, renowned art historian of the Italian Renaissance preferred the term "homeless" for the numerous works he discovered.




European & American Art, 15th-20th c.


Information in this Record may change as the result of ongoing research.

Jan Brueghel the Elder   (painting & gouache drawing: information available)

Leonardo da Vinci  (drawing: see Selected Works)

Pier Francesco Mola  (painting)

Gottlieb Schick  (painting)

George Inness  (painting: information available)

George Caleb Bingham  (twenty-three paintings: see Bingham Catalogue Raisonne Supplement link on Homepage)

Sir Peter Lely   (drawing: see Selected Works)

Joseph Anton Koch   (drawing)

Raphaelle Peale  ( drawing: see Selected Works)

James Peale   (two paintings: see Selected Works; and information available)

Baldassare Peruzzi   (drawing)

Andrea del Sarto  (drawing: information available)

Annibale Carracci  (drawing: see Selected Works)

Wilhelm Leibl  (painting: information available)

Sir Edwin Landseer   (painting: see Selected Works)

Franz Pforr   (drawing)

El Greco   (drawing: information available)

Sebastian Salcedo   (painting: see Selected Works)

Thomas Flintoff  (pendant portraits: information available)

Giacinto Gigante  (drawing)

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska  (long lost H.S. Ede Collection of 53 drawings, watercolors, and 31 photographs: see Selected Works; additional information available)

Evelyn De Morgan   (two drawings: see Selected Works)

Jose Arpa   (two paintings: information available)

Frans Snyders   (drawing: oil sketch)

Lawren Harris   (painting: see Selected Works)

J.E. Scheffer von Leonhardshoff  (drawing)

Carl Philipp Fohr  (drawing: information available)

Seldon Peck  (pendant portraits: information available)

William Aiken Walker   (painting: see Selected Works)

William A. Coulter   (painting)

Jules Pascin  (watercolor: information available)

Carl G. von Iwonski  (mural study: information available)

Francisco Martinez   (painting: see Selected Works)

Thomas Hart Benton  (drawing: information available)

Hugo Weber  (two paintings & four drawings: information available)

New World (Mexico) Indochristian Virgin (sculpture)

New World (Mexico) Indochristian World Tree Cross  (sculpture: see Selected Works)

George Bellows  (painting & two drawings: see Selected Works; additional information available)

Henry Ary  (painting: information available)

George W. Twibill, Jr. N.A.  (painting: information available)

Alfred Agate & Titian Peale  (painting: information available)

Tom Lea   (one painting & two prints: information available)

Forrest Bess  (one painting & collection of some 50 counterfeit paintings donated to a museum and exposed as fakes: information available)

Victor Higgins   (painting: information available)

William James Hubard   (two paintings: see Selected Works; additional information available)

Ubaldo Gandolfi  (drawing: information available)