• Fred R. Kline

FRK-2.28.2019-Notes for a Memoir

FRK-2.28.2019-Notes for a Memoir Copyright © Fred R. Kline, 2019

Fred and Allen Kline 1945 Asbury Park, NJ — at Asbury Park Museum.

During WWII, while my father was in the Navy, my mother, my brother Allen, and I lived for a year at Bradley Beach, NJ,--down the way from Asbury Park and their fun-filled boardwalk-- right across the street from the Atlantic Ocean, where I was allowed to play by myself among the exotic flotsom and jetsom at water's edge and on the deserted winter beach. I think the summer beach was too busy for me to wander. I liked to bury my brother in the sand and he enjoyed throwing sand in my face and running off. Beachcombing became my first passion and dead fish were particulary fascinating and shells, and I had many friends among the sand crabs hiding under the sand. Living right next door to us along the beach front was another service wife--a beautiful woman with breathtaking red hair the color of a sunset (vividly remembered I confess), and her two children, a baby and my first girlfriend Jeanie, who was my age. Jeanie and I had a thing for each other and we often ran off and hid and revealed our white underwear with the greatest daring and thrill. My late brother Allen, whose 78th birthday is today, would have been 4 and myself 5 in the photograph, which I'm sure we sent to our dad. Allen wanted to steer the boat but I wouldn't let him. If you listen closely, you can hear me making the sound of a motorboat.....Brrrrrummmmmmm.....Brrrrrummmmmmm. After the photo was made, Allen got to drive the motorboat but another photo would have cost another dollar and it was not made and he went Brrrrrummmmmmm.....Brrrrrummmmmmm anyway, on and on with a vengence, much longer than I, and he wouldn't get out of the boat until threatened by my mother (then in her early 20's) who pretty much lived at the water's edge of her patience with two wild boys during the war fraught years of the 1940's. [Marilyn Krueger Long-Kline]