• Fred R. Kline

“Prophet in the Park, Washington DC, 2007”

Fred R. Kline, SELECTED POEMS “Prophet in the Park, Washington DC, 2007” Copyright ©Fred R. Kline 2019

“Prophet in the Park, Washington DC, 2007”

PREFACE: Remembering with disgust the War Mongers of America’s Military-Industrial Complex: President Lyndon B. Johnson, President Richard M. Nixon, President George W. Bush & Vice Pres. Dick Cheney,and now in the time of the Fascist Tyrant, President Donald J. Trump. ~ And so comes to an end the ideal of America ((Replaced by what?))

We encourage corruption everywhere, Vote for it disguised as God and Country, Follow promises we know are hollow, Allow our President to declare false wars, Know in the name of truth he lies, Know in the name of knowledge he sows ignorance, Know his smile is hiding greed.

We vote for bad in the name of good, Trust thieves to increase our fortune, Pay liars to ensure they keep lying, Salute war mongers and let them murder us, Give a second chance to thieves to try again, Educate the young with hollow facts, Pray to a God we don’t believe in.

We eat food that turns us into piles of fat, Remember facts created by machines, Seek guidance from numbers, Purchase garbage and call it treasure, Make bombs to kill everyone on earth.

And so comes to an end the ideal of America ((Replaced by what?))


Photo & caption: Hieronymous Bosch “The Wayfarer /or The Peddler” ca, 1494, oil on panel, 27 x 27 inches,Mus. Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam ~ It is the late 15th century. Columbus has recently landed in the New World. In the Dutch countryside, a thin man wearing grey clothes is walking, holding his hat in his left hand. In his right hand he is holding a stick fending off an angry dog. On his back he is carrying a large basket. This type of basket was normally used by peddlers in the 15th-16th century in the Netherlands. To the left an inn (possibly also a brothel). To the right a path leading into a field where a cow and a magpie seem to watch the man. Above the man, in a tree, an owl is gazing at a small bird. In the background a gallows stands on a hill.